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I have fitted a set of bc coilovers some months ago and ever since I have been trying to locate a source of banging from rear passenger side. I have tried all sorts to get to the bottom of it even having the suspension checked 3 times and they tried a pry bar and all sorts on all the moving parts and bushes but nothing is showing up.

So as well as the suspension checks I have checked the parcel shelf, emptied the boot of everything in case some thing there or something floating around the pockets down the sides but nothing. Noticed battery was not bolted down tight so sorted that but no change. I changed the arb today (long overdue by the looks of it) in case something happening there but issue still persists.

I have changed the damping levels to the softest in case it was too harsh wheel bearings all ok as well.

So now I am thinking to swap over the coilovers from one side to the other to see if the problem transfers to the other side if so then I know I have an issue with coilovers. If not then I will put standard suspension back and try that as I had no issue before the coilovers were put on.

Slow process but will get there.

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