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This is advanced notice to inform you off an up and coming performance Japanese car meet in Cardiff.

This will not be like any other regular car meet in a Random car park but an organised Meet on private land with a BBQ some small display stands from local businesses, a DJ and possibly some small trophies for best car ect. And also magazine coverage!

This meet is planned for Sunday 1st July and will start around 4:00pm till darkness (around 10:30 by then) although each group convoying will be given different time slots to avoid major traffic jams!!

The cost will be £3 per driver & £1 per passenger (this is to cover the costs of Food & for the use of the land - cans will be sold but not included)
Also there is a limited number of spaces, so I recommend a fast reply to avoid disappointment!

Could you please only post attendance on 1 site to avoid double booking and only to post if 100% sure of attendance as somebody else missing out on the chance to attend.

So if you are interested please reply to this PM asap to let me know you will be attending, let your club know and I’ll stay in touch to control numbers.

Hopefully this will bring many of the local car clubs together and be a good day out for everybody.



p.s. you will be contacted with location details soon.
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