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Hi all
Got a tricky one.
I jump in the car of an evening take a short drive to the pub etc., and eveything is fine ish (idel not perfect but not two bad) After 3-4 hours I jump back in the car and do the same journy back home. As the engine is cold I poodle not exceeding 2500 rpm as not to bring the turbo in to play and the car misfires all over the place its like drivin a bucking bronko. Ease off and come to a stop its fine but as soon as I geat any where near 2000 rpm its back, Get the turbos working and its gone. Its not just when its cold ive done a motor way journy and its been the same.

Ideas please

I got a feeling its the one of the plugs but dont want to go sheading out loads of money trying all sorts and not getting any where.
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