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Just like to say thank you to all the people on this forum for the information they have put up. From the info you guys and gals and of course the admin team for the great deal they have struck with A-Plan which in turn has provided a great deal on insurance.
I took the took the plunge and purchased my first R33 GTS-t which I picked up on Thursday last week. wow cheeks are starting to really hurt now just can't help but smile.
This week I had to travel to Castleford (360miles return) so thought I would try out the new beast filled it up with V-Power (£66.00) and set off. not a hitch cough or fart, of course smiling all the way apart from when the strange people who drive BMW 3 series and especially MK4 escorts driven by or strange kids who are unable to place a hat on their head straight (is it really that hard to put a hat on straight) tail gate you or pull alongside you and look then roar off at speed that does not include the escorts but they do try.
From the info on this forum I have been able to check the car for defects before purchase, and after purchase find out how to remove the rear seats (a real krypton factor challenge) so that I can replace the rear speaker's that have just had to much sun, I have also been able to find the head unit wiring info, just marvellous

The car is a 1995 ECR 33 Auto (2 feet 2 pedals)
1 UK Owner who wax oiled everything on the inside and under sealed everything on the under side
No Engine mods
No interior mods apart from the momo steering wheel
No exterior mods
Colour Grey
Just great

Again thank you all for a real great resource.
keep it up


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welcome dude...
Glad you found the information needed, if you ever have any questions use the search, if not covered, ask... We will gladly answer any of your qs!

Have fun....

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