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The FIFTH OFFICIAL ***** LONDON MEET will be held at :

Portsmouth Road,
KT11 1BW

From PORTSMOUTH ROAD there is a small flat tarmac'd driveway with no speed bumps which bears left once your off the main road & takes you past the front entrance of the pub to its main car park situated to the buildings left when your looking at it from the road. The main entrance of the pub has a large low fenced patio area complete with large wooden circular tables & umbrellas which also have built in heating & lighting - From here you can keep and eye on your pride & joy if you need to feed or have a sit down or shelter if we have inclement weather still!

Opposite this patio entrance is a large expanse of well kept grass on the same level as the driveway & this people is where we will park. Last time a few dips had appeared but hopefully this will now be sorted.
This also keeps the pubs main car park clear as they can get very popular on Sundays due to their food which is very good & comes in large quantities.

DATE & START TIME : Sunday 15th July 2007 at 1200 hours


This meeting is for GTROC Members and Registered Forum Users and on behalf of the publican, staff, myself, the hotel behind the location & children playing in this area ... :


NO Fly by's.
NO excessive engine revving or 'popping' of exhausts or screamer pipes.
NO doughnuts or drifting on the grass area.
NO behaviour or antics that brings disripute to the meet.

Consequences will be 'very severe' at this location with the local Constabulary just up the road & as a word of warning there are
regular speed checks & visits to the clubs attending on the day.


However based on the last four LONDON meetings I know you'll all behave!

Once again thank you for all reading & I hope to see you all there

Kind Regards,

KRISS - Speed MeRchant


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So is this open to anyone then? I know the pub well its a very nice place. Might come up and say hi in my 34GTT assuming it's working by then. heh ;)

GTROC National Events Manager
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As the LONDON REP for the GTR** I set it up primarily for that club, but I know the clubs Kent rep's also open there meets up to other Skyline clubs as have I with the SOC recently.

As I'm also part of this forum I'm opening it up to invite members & forum users of SKYLINEOWNERS to attend as well so your more than welcome to attend fella

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