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The story of Cinderella and her two sugly isters.

Cinders worked very hard, frubbin scloors, weaning clindows, emptying posspits and shivelling shut! By the end of the day she was neally rackered. Her sugly isters were fight cuckin runts who did no wuckin ferk and had no wuckin furries. They were real bugly astards. One was called Mairy Hinge and the other was called Betty Swollocks, and they were always petting gissed.

The two sugly isters had tickets to go to the ball. Cinderella was ducking fisgusted when the cotton runts wouldn't let her go. Buttons worked with cinders. He was gifted with nuge hackers and a shairy hithole. He was also a candy runt and liked diving into Cinders hubic pairs, and he loved a wood gank.

Suddenly there was such a bucking fang, and to Cinders suprise a gairy fodmother appeared. Her name was Sherry Tighthouse and she was a light ruckin fesbian with a farge letty swanny and tairy hits. She turned a pumpkin and six white mice into a huckin cuge farriage with six dandy ronkeys with buge hollocks.

Cinders was amazed! "Miste all cruckin fighty!" she said. The Gairy Fodmother said that Cinders must be back by 12:eek:'clock or there will be a cuckin falamity.

At the ball Cinders was dancing with the Pransome Hince. The band was guckin food but foo nuckin toisy. It was that druckin fummer - What a ruckin facket. The cabaret was huckin fopeless. When he blew his truckin fumpet he was buckin frilliant but he is a hig-bedded banky wastard and i'd like to stick his fumpet up his ucking farsehole.

Suddenly the clock struck twelve! Cinders puckin fanicked and ran out of the ballroom, tripping barse over ollocks and losing her slass glipper.

The next day the Pransome Hince came knocking on Cinders door. The sugly isters let him in. Betty swallocks lifted her leg and let out a fig bart. "Who's fust jarted?" asked the Pransome Hince. "Blame that forrible hucker over there" said Buttons. When the clinking stown broud lifted, the Pransome Hince tried the slass glipper on the sugly isters. They had horrible fetty sweet and the slass glipper didn't fit. Mairy Hinge in her tucking femper gave the Pransome Hince a nick in the kackers, which was not difficult as he had bucking fuge halls and a hig bard-on.

He tried Cinders and the flipper sitted puckin ferfectly!

Soon Cinders and the Pransome Hince were married. He spent his days in lucking fuxury and she ended hers with a follen swanny and they all lived happily ever after.
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