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think its time to buy another skyline

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Well its been 2 half years since i had a skyline and even tho i only had it 6 weeks i still think of when i used to drive it. I was without a car for about a year while i saved up money to buy another but the only thing that stopped me was the insurance, so in the end i went out and brought a S14a which i love but its just not the same. Whenever i go down my garage and see the skyline sitting there i always think i should sell up and buy one but then i change my mind again and think i should stick with the 200 but then last night i found some old pictures of the car when it was straight and a rolling road test saying the car was running 274bhp (was a shock because i thought the car was standard) so after seeing that ive made up my mind and i AM going to buy another skyline:D so hopefully ill be afew shows this year in the new car.
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You know you want one :)
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