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this is for,all my smokers!

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saw this vid on another forum

and im a hip hop fan so i also laughed at this one
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Good stuff that, I like how the second one's improvised. :bigthumb:
hahaha love that second song dead funni!
Second one was funny as hell! My wife thought what the fu** am I listening to lol!!
loving the second one !!

HAHA I lost my Virginity to Momma says knock you out, O happy days untill my mates decided to burst in and abseil down the stairs with the duvet, Funny Memories :D

Fight for your right to party reminds me of a school trip to louth !!
Straight out of Surrey lmao

Not quite straight outta compton dear fellow
That second one's ace :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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