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right i've learned a very expensive lesson, i couldn't get the time off to have my car mapped before marham so bought a jap chipped ecu. the car caught fire on the first day and bust its ringlands on day 2. not good.
so this time it will definately be coming to you lot. i have a couple of questions though.
1. i run water/meth injection. do you map cars with it on or off (just i case it runs out)
2. i'm running a t3/4 turbo big frontmount 300zx afm, hks exhaust etc. what power can i expect if i keep the standard injectors? or do i really NEED 550's
3. i'm going +40 with forged pistons 8.5.1 compression ratio and standard head gasket thickness. does this sound ok? + 40 takes it out to nearly 2.6 but a shorter stroke than the rb26?
4. what revs can i have with a balanced bottom end but standard rods? i do like a revvy motor!!!
5. how many miles will i have to put on it before you'l map it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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