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Thumbs up to GtBitz

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Just a quick post to show our gratitude to the guys at gtbitz, who sorted our 32GTR out with new gearbox.

I rang them at about 12.30pm, they collected the car from work at 3.30, fitted a used gearbox, set up and tested with redline oil in.
If that wasn't enough, it was delivered back to us by 9pm with a smile, and all at a reasonable price, and 3mnth warranty!:grinno:

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Good deal, what else do they do he he
Homs a great bloke to deal with.
Was Hom, dunno where he was before?
Hom of MIJ/Grasshopper fame?
yep. asked him all about it and im happy with his side of the story.

the guy knows his stuff and is really sound guy to deal with.

JP NIGHT KID just check ot there website/ebay store for parts.
Hom was the top guy who left and the old company had lots of issues trying to do skylines without him
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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