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To flush or not to flush...that is the question

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Hi guys,

As the title says, what are your thoughts on the matter?

In the past I have used the likes of wyns flush or similar but some say not to use these products as they can cause more harm than good.

Your thoughts

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i recently flushed my rad system as it had been running on no coolant or water, just sludge. i used the stuff that comes in the small blue bottle an u get stage one and two. can't remember what it's called tho.. but it worked a treat! if it hasn't been done in a while then i'd say do it!
I'll see if i can find the make of it.
i think its holts that make it mate u can also get halfrauds im sure
I would agree that it would be good to flush out things like the rad etc from time to time as sludge WILL build up inside but when it comes to engine flush i dont bother. never have, the way i see it is that as long as the engine is warm (NOT HOT) when you drain the oil it will take all the crap with it so there is no real need. have a look at your old oil next time you drain it. Tip it out of the container you caught it in and at the bottom everytime you will see the sludge anyway so no need to flush in my book. But this is just my personal opinion.
flushing the oil realy is not necessary,it thins the oil too much for engines already having a tendency to spin bearings,flushing the rad is as usefull as my girlfriend, change the coolant if you want,flushing the rad does not work.
If you really feel the need for engine flush, try using a cheap(er) oil; drain, fill with cheap stuff, turn over/idle for a bit, drain, fill with decent stuff... I still wouldn't though; don't want any remnants of cheapo oil stuck in mine (oil cooler etc.)
i personally would not use engine flush or cheap oil,even if it only runs on idle
different kinds of oil dont always mix well,plus if you use an engine flush some will remain behind even if you think its all drained off.

just my opinion

I don't flush... and the next person who goes in usually complains!
These products that flush your engine oil will knacker your engine seals. Stay away from them, they are a gimmick that will cost you in the long run. I thought of doing this myself when I started getting camshaft knocking noises. I asked a Skyline Garage expert and he said for God sake don't use one of those flushes it will kill your engine! So I flushed it with some new oil and then filled with some Fully synthetic recommended by Oilman and jobs a good un, the noise went away. At the end of the day you have an oil filter to take away all the crap, that;s what it's there for. So regular oil and filter changes should do the trick.
Has anyone tried Turbo Diesel oil ?
Its a trick i used to use on old Rovers that i had a thing for at one time.
Drain oil, change filter for a cheapy, refill with turbo diesel oil, run for around 500-1000 miles drain and refill with good oil and decent filter.
You will be hella shocked how quickly that diesel oil turns black even when the original oil was clean.
Diesel oil has more cleaners in there and not one engine ( Inc a 230 bhp M series turbo) has ever suffered as a result.
Might be worth a shot.
i use a flush in all the cars i service including skylines.

in over ten years i have never had an engine failure
These products that flush your engine oil will knacker your engine seals. Stay away from them,
Thats what iv always been told, the active ingredient in them that breaks down the "sludge" attacks your seals!!
I never use flush. Always change oil and filter 3000miles it's always clean and better for the motor. I say look after them they look after ya pocket. But that's only my view
Oil Flush I tend to avoid on the skylines period.

I've used in on my jalopy ("shed") cars but usually only if they are running badly. Yes, when I flush I use a temporary oil & filter after the flush then drain & use the correct final oil/filter. It can work out quite costly in the end....

Rad Flush..... your money for a proper rad pressure test.....

Just my 2p worth....

Has anyone tried Turbo Diesel oil ?
Used it as an agressive flush on my "shed" cars never the skyline. Even that was usually a last ditch attempt before an engine strip......

FYI you are only supposed to run the engine for a SHORT PERIOD using diesel as a lubricant (mins NOT MILES!!!!). Flash point of Diesel is lower than oil!
i use diesel to flush the engine bit after reading a few posts dont think i will bother anymore
Bloody hell !!
Not diesel !
Diesel OIL. Has more cleaners in there than normal petrol oil.
Useless, don't do it.

Decent oil and regular oil and filter change.

The only way.
I'm with RXXXIV on this one.

regularly change your oil and filter and your engine will last a lot longer.
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