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Any one got any comments regarding the Tomei - Oil Gallery Orifice? Im getting my engine rebuilt and was wondering if they work. Here is a description of what it is\does (borrowed from Negnun web site)

Orifice controls amount of flowing engine oil that is delivered to lubricate the parts in a cylinder head, and to cool down the engine body. However, stock oil-gallery orifice has given inadequate diameter so that too much oil is delivered to the cylinder head and problems listed below would occur.

(1) Too much blow-by Gas,
(2) Blowing engine oil,
(3) Leaking oil from valve guide,
(4) Insufficient oil delivery to the crank journal, (5) Miss-breathing air from oil pan under the horizontal G

Design of TOMEI oil gallery orifice is based on the experience of developing N1 endurance and drag racing engine. And by limiting diameter of orifice to diameter 1.5 (2.0 Normal), we succeeded in securing enough lubrication to the camshaft and valve while gaining amount of oil in the oil pan, and suppressing these problems. (To prevent blow by, we recommend using TOMEI 3D profile piston.)

- Combine with STD orifice to use
For RB25&20, ONLY solid type

EDITED:-I have a R32 GTR.
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