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*** Low/Top Mount Steam Pipe Manifold RB25/26/30 with options Group Buy Here ***

Ok so I've been researching a decent manifold and I've tried the Ebay rubbish only to find it cracks, warps, needs a lot of work to get to fit or is never going to fit in a million years.

Thanks to danb for sending me a link to SkylineOwners Aus and thus finding Hyper Performance. I've got 2 manifolds from them so far to test things such as delivery time, import duty, charges and overall quality. These I believe are great quality items fro the price, they are no where near perfect then again we are not paying 6-boost or RIPS prices either.

Price breakdown


$340 AU (est £216.62)
Wastgate + $30 AU (est 19.12)


RB20 - $289 AU (est £184.25)
RB25 - $289 AU (est £184.25)
RB26 - $289 AU (est £184.25)
RB30 - $279 AU (est £177.87)

Wastegate sizes

38 - $0 AU (Standard with all manifolds)
40/44 - $110 AU (est £70.13)
50/60 - $120 AU (est £76.50)


Waiting on additional pricing


38/50 $21 AU (est £13.39)- Wastegate V-Band Clamp.

Unknown price on other V-band clamp sizes. Can get quote if required.

Group Buy Discount

5 people $40 AU (est £25.50) of the price of each manifold.
10 people $50 AU (est £31.88) off the price of each manifold.


From New Zealand Shipping is the same for 1, 5 or 10 at $170 (est £108.38)

UK Shipping is £15

Import rate is charged at 25% and a Handling charge of £13.50


((Manifold Price + Options - Group Discount) + 25%) + (NW Shipping/people) +(Handling Charge/People) + UK Shipping.

Example 1

This is the one shown in the next post and is the standard RB25

RB25 Standard No Options with 10 people

((£184.25-£31.88) + 25%) (£108.38/10) + (£13.50/10) + £15

(£152.37+25%) + £10.84 + £1.35 + £15

£190.46 + £10.84 + £1.35 + £15

Total = £217.65

OMG how cheap and thats only a little more expensive than EBAY crap

Example 2

This is the one I've bought will get pictures up when I can.
Its obviously more expensive with the addition of 50mm wastegate and a v-band clamp added.
Also I've used the example below with 5 people participating so shipping and charge cost will be higher, but still what a price.

RB25 50mm Vband

((£184.25+£76.50+£13.39-£25.50) + 25%) (£108.38/5) + (£13.50/5) + £15

(£248.64+25%) + £21.68 + £2.7 + £15

£310.80 + £21.68 + £2.7 + £15

Total = £350.18



£ calculated from XE at 1.00AUD=0.637476 GBP. This is not what Paypal Use so please be warned this may change hence estimated prices.

Import % rate has been calculated from the first manifold I received at 25% the second received was at 26%

NZ shipping charge for 5 and 10 being at $170 is a little speculative

Please Put your names down if you are interested.

1. Steady RB25 44mm V-band
2. Skyline-Boy -RB25 60mm V-band
3. Blitz20ten - mm
4. Brutus - mm Twin Scroll

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cant beleive no one has jumped on this yet! The reviews on SKyline Aus are fantastic value for money, the reason they are so much cheaper is due to the collector being done by hand and not by a cnc machine like 6boost/full race use.

I will be extremly suprised if any of these crack due to the thickness and grade of steel.

If i hadnt already got the one i have, i would be all over this like a rash!

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This is a belter off an offer lads and not to be missed if you plan on running top mount, the difficulty in getting a reasonably priced manifold that wont crack after a month is unbelievable!

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Yes the obx manifold is almost a exact copy of the greddy. In genuine greddy manifold there`s a very small greddy logo stamped under the turbo flange.

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Well I dont know how long it would take to manufacture 5 or 10, but delivery to me has been a week to 11 days. then I would need to repack and send out so a few days for that.

I will double check from time to order to shipping date, that will give me an idea of production time then I'll add shopping time, a few days to repack and ship and then a few days fiddle factor. that should give us idea of 5 and 10 orders.

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Well I've been informed that it will take 7 days after the order goes in to when the manifolds are shipped.

Day 0 : Order
Day 8 : NZ to UK Shipment
Day 20 : UK Arrival
Day 22 : UK Shipment to Final Destination
Day 24 : Final Destination Arrival

So I would use the the usual "Please wait 28 days for delivery" that gives us a few fiddle factor days as well.

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does he also make the standard low mount manifold?
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