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Torque Curves ....

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Hi guys

almost 2 weeks of GTST ownership now and loving it ... however

with a few ponies under the hood ive noticed boost likes to kick in all at once @about 4kn rpm which makes attempting to go forwards bloody difficult on full throttle.

any idea if its possible to remap with a more gentle torque curve without loosing BHP so the boost kicks in more gradually rather than all at once, improving handling and acceleration control?

*note* i know s**t all about how turboed motors work so apologies if im talking s**t

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do you know if you are still running the stock boost solenoid - right of engine bay behind airbox/filter with vac pipes coming out of it

or are you running a boost controller to control the boost?
it has a boost controller, 1 sec ill get the engine work list, running 425bhp

RSP Hybrid Turbo (safe to 1.6bar)
550cc Injectors
Uprated Fuel Pump
Chipped RSP ECU - Remapped
Apexi Super Induction kit
Japspeed GTR intercooler Pipework
GTR intercooler
Nismo Downpipe
Japspeed Cat Back Exhaust
Apexi AVCR Boost Controller (set to 1 and 1.3 bar)
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Uprated Clutch (make unknown)
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Not sure what type of turbo that is, but it sounds to me like it is quite large.

2.5 litres of displacement still isn't massive, if that turbo is on the large side, spool up time will be slower, but it will make decent power.

When I start tuning mine I'll be keeping to a relatively stock size tubby, but with uprated internals. I would rather have boost from 2.5k and a little less maximum power through preference :)
if rsp tuned the car you best speak to them, if thats one of there reworked stock turbos lag really shouldn't be a problem but if it is cams are a good way to go
Give rsp a call, im sure they can help with a re-map to suit your needs.

I wish I lived closer to rsp :eek7:
thanks guys ill give them a shout :) they know more about the car than me :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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