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Ight, this might be a little dumb from me but here it goes;
So i have the r33 manual and in the torque spec for the cylinder head it say that :

I need to tight them in this press sequence:

1- Tighten to 29N-m
2- Tighten to 98N-m
*3- Loosen to 0N-m*
4- Tighten to 25-34N-m
5- Tighten to 93-103N-m

I add one step between step 1 and 2 just to be in the safe side and after 29N-m I went to 70N-m, then went to 98N-m.

Question: Now can anyone explain how and why to loose them to 0N-m, and when I ask how it means do I use the old style torque wrench (beam style torque wrench, the one with the metal bar on top and a press unit scale next to handle?) then rotate to loose until the bar mark 0N-m?

By the way, I am Installing a 1.5mm Crossworth Metal Cylinder head gasket, is the torque different?

Once again thanks in advance guys....:cheers:

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I never done that when I torqued my head but I did fit an arp head stud kit.
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