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Now we all have a chance in joning the team if you want it so please don't say we have tried:drivin:.

TOTB 8 is just around the corner

It will be held at Elvington airfield on Sunday 26th July 2009.

This thread is about finding the ten people and there Skyline to participate in the competition. GTR. GTS. GTT. Rear wheel drive or 4wd.

Any Nissan Skyline as long as you abide by the rules set from TOTB.

So under no circumstances will we allow any TOTB haters or silly things about the event on this thread, If you want to have a go or dig start your own thread.(You all understand?)

I have been told the strip at elvington will be glued and prepped for this years event, Straightliners have employed Lee Child from LA Racing to prep the track. Lee is a renowned fellow in the drag racing scene and is one of the best in prepping a track!

We also have a chance in having a Drag shoot out at Santa Pod with the organisors Straightline during a mid week test and tune day. But we must have enough interest of car's to be viable to do this.

So if any of you want to be part of this years TOTB 8 Skyline team put your name on the list

On a very sad ending to this post.

Simon my very good friend and inventor along with Chris Mann of TOTB sadly passed away on the morning of the 28/02/09.

My thoughts and wishes goes to his family and good friends.

Lets make TOTB 8 a Skyline year and all get together and kick ass

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