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Brian james, twin axle hydraulic tilt bed

bed size is.......6'1" x 15'9" internal
overall width.....7'9"
overall lenght....20'2"

its got a lockable tow hitch
new hydraulics
new jockey mechanism and wheel

its about 10 years old
its had a couple modifications over the years, and looks like it once had a tyre rack
none of those are still on it
had a good service when i bought it 2 years or so ago

genuine reason for sale bla bla doesnt everyone say that lol
i bought it to tow the skyline aswell as the mini
and well the skyline no longer fits and the mini wont be going anywhere

prices for these are all over the place, but there is one exactly the same with the old hydraulics on ebay for £2k

looking for offers around £1800
located Doncaster


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