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Hi, I've had the engine light coming on intermittently for a while on my RB25DE NEO - sometimes after 30 miles sometimes after 30 seconds. Occasionally with hesitation or lumpiness but usually nothing noticeable. It showed up as fault code 21 (ignition). I've changed the plugs and looked for noticeable problems with coilpacks. Someone had bodged the wrong type of coilpack in cylinder 3 so today I changed it for a used one and it ran fine for a while then the light came on again.

I realise it might still be coilpacks to blame but I've also read various threads about checking AFM and CAS. Why does an AFM problem throw up an ignition fault? I'd like to understand why that is. I did try a bit of carb cleaner on it but didn't help.

Any thoughts?

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