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Just thought I let people who live in Medway know that there is a new place opening soon on Medway Industrial Estate.

Its called Impossible Performance Parts.

There address is Unit 14
Neptune Close
Medway City Estate
Tel: 01634710777
Fax: 01634252871
Mob: 07790 388552
E-mail: [email protected]

They have not got a sign up at the moment, but it is oppersite MM&C mobile phones and alarms. It is in between Kent Bearings and a motor factors place.

I just bought my Turbo XS BOV from them. They were very helpful even came for spin to set it up.

They are in the process of building the shop up stairs at the moment but they should fully open soon.

They can get all the gear HKS, Blitz, NOS, Brakes, Body kits, Suspension etc.

Hope this is of help to people.:)

We needed something in Medway. :angel :

Does anyone know of any more place in and around Medway for bits and bobs?

Bullet Tooth Tony
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torque ic in ashford
and were not far from abbey and rk tuning really mate
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