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I wrote this as a response to whats needed for 600bhp this morning for the 'other' gtr forum but I thought it may come in useful here too... its just from research I've done personally so please don't flame me for getting anything wrong but do point out anything you'd like to add,



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GT-R Tuning - Getting 600 BHP!

I've threw in the towel about even trying to get 600+ bhp after working out the associated costs. I'm settling for a nice and reliable 500 to 550bhp spec...

Here is a _VERY_ rough guide to tuning. obviously there are a million different route to power you want and the choice are very different depending on type of power and torque you want and the way you will drive it, e.g. drag, track, road car, etc. Therefore this should be seen as a simple 'snapshot' of one possible way to big power. Good luck!

A estimate of costs;

Standard to 400 bhp various, up to £5,000
Standard to 500 bhp, £10,000-£15,000
Standard to 600 bhp, £15,000-£20,000 *(this can bloon if any rebuilds are needed)
Standard to 700 bhp+, £25,000+

(I'm sure some of the big 'hitters' on here will be able to fill you in more)

320 bhp spec :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Standard Factory GT-R

360 bhp spec ::::::::::::::::::::[ MILD ROAD SPEC ]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

oil cooler kit (imports)
exhaust system including muffler backbox
exhaust race cat or anti-cat pipe
exhaust front down pipes
hi-flow induction kit or airbox panel filter
*(at this stage of tune on std turbos you may need an exhaust restrictor to stop overboost depending on exhaust design)

400+bhp spec ::::::::::::::::::::::[ FAST ROAD SPEC ]:::::::::

360 bhp stage plus;

cams, e.g. 260'/260', 9.15mm lift+verniers hks/tomei/apexi/trust/jun/etc
boost controller hks/apexi evc-r/pfc solenoid
steel gasket kit (head,plenum,manifold) hks/nismo/tomei/trust
iridium core plugs hks/nismo/trust/ngk/etc
metal intercooler pipe kit hks/nismo/etc.
uprated friction pad material ferodo/nismo/top secret/etc

500+bhp spec :::::::::::::::[ GOOD TRACK DAY / FAST ROAD SPEC ]:::::::::

400bhp stage plus;

hks gt-ss + actuators hks 2530's
uprated intercooler tomei/apexi/trust/etc
270l/ph fuel pump & x6 injectors nismo/nippon denso/apexi/etc.
remappable ecu, e.g.hks fcon or powerfc hks/apexi/mines/etc
hks twin plate clutch hks/nismo/os giken/etc
z32 afm's (pair) nissan/nismo/mines
oil catch tank cusco/arc/custom/etc

optionals for track usage ;
- uprated large radiator nismo/pace/etc.
- large brake conversion (6-piston kit) various
- fully adjustible coilover suspension various/e.g. nismo s-tune
- uprated engine mounts nismo

600+ bhp spec ::::::::::::[ COMPETITION TRACK / EVERYDAY CAR SPEC ]::::::::

500 bhp stage plus; (the big £££ money stage)

more aggressive cams + springs, valves, valve guides
hks 2535's or trust t517z's with actuators (i.e. bigger turbos)
turbo elbows
turbo manifold
drag spec intercooler
enlarged plenum chambers
triple plate clutch

full engine rebuild including ;
- forged pistons (or try a nice 2.8 litre stroker kit!)
- forged con rods (shot peened & balanced)
- uprated bearings
- uprated head bolts
- uprated water pump
- uprated oil pump
- uprated oil baffle
- trust oil sump big capacity extension

700+ bhp spec :::::::::::::::::::::[ RACE CAR SPEC ]:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

600 bhp stage plus;

huge twins (e.g. HKS 2835's) or big single turbo (e.g. HKS T51R !!)
N1 racing, 'seasoned' block
modified ported & polished head
standard or uprated crank (nitrated & balanced)
dry sump lubrication
uprated drive shafts
uprated suspension
carbon fibre prop shaft
quadruple plate clutch with sequential 'dogbox' transmission
3kg titanium large bore straight through 'drag' system & downpipes.

interior strip out and weight reduction (200->300kg saving) ;
- shell seam welded
- carbon fibre bonnet
- carbon fibre wings
- carbon fibre boot lid
- carbon fibre door skins
- carbon fibre mirrors
- carbon fibre dashboard
- carbon fibre race seats
- carbon fibre rear spoiler
- etc.
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