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Posted this in the wrong section. My bad, long time lurker, new poster lol.

Hey guys, recently my 1992 r32 GTR blew its turbo. UPGRADE TIME! I found a steal on some 2860r (2860-5) and was wondering if anyone has installed these or tried running them on a mostly stock car. I'm pushing 1bar of boost

As for install, I've heard there bolt on but also that the oil drain pipe thread is different. Can anyone confirm that?

And as for running it, I've heard it will work without a tune but I run the risk of pinging. Will not getting on it help with that until I can get a stand alone and tune it or should I worry about that before even driving it. Appreciate the input guys and gals.

R35 coilpacks,
Resonator delete because it blew up (3" full exhaust),
Tomei intake/exhaust gaskets
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