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Turbo Kit

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I Bought this Turbo kit off Ricey a couple of months back but after careful consideration came to the conclusion that it was too big for what i was looking for as previously advertised the Turbo Kit is basically brand new. The kit consists of

A Garrett TA3410
A manifold whith an external Wastegate already heat wraped.
And if you want a downpipe which was built to fit on a 200sx you can have that to.

Turbo spec..
360 Degree Thrust Bearing
Oil lubricated centersection.
Model- TA3410
Serial Number -715583 5007
T3 Flange
4'' Inlet
Compressor (A/R) .70
Turbine (A/R) .82
4 Bolt Exhaust flange
External Wastegated
Good for 500- 600hp

Ideally i would like to get my money back so will accept offers around

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I belive it is 46mm. but not 100% sure.
hi mate would you swap your turbo for a greedy tdo6 20g good for 450bhp in good nick no smoke its done about 1000 miles

thanks kinver
would this fit the rb26 bud?
Its a big Turbo perfect for a single conversion it should fit a RB26 but im no mechanic so if any one on here would like to comment please feel free to correct me if i am wrong.
What sort of rpm does it spool full boost?
picks of the turbo dont ask how i got them:cool:


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Full boost i was told was between 3000 & 4000


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so is the downpipe for a rb25 into a 200sx engine swop because thats what iv done buddy, very intrested if this would fit the rb26 block :) what condiction is the parts in? many miles?

fankoo :D
The turbo has done very few miles the engine it came off was a new rebuild and while the engine was being run in one of the injectors stoped working and starved the engine.

The parts are basically brand new as the engine was being run in the turbo has not even been used on full boost. The parts cannot have more than 300miles on them.

The Top mount mani the heatwrap is still white and the downpipe was made for an RB25 swap into a 200sx.

I see no reason for the top mount not to fit unless the exhaust side of an RB26 is different to an RB25, But like i say i am no mechanic so its only guestimation.


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Will have to see what doe I have after xmas mate, would not mind this but my engine is on STD rods, pistons etc but my APEXi turbo needs a refresh, may push it up from 414 to around 475bhp ish with the bigger turbo...... hmmmmm :eek7:
Well ive got m8s who are running 500bhp on standard rods and pistions but its all down to who maps the car. If maped right their should be fine but its more for piece of mind.

The way i was going to do it is put it on see what i get and when the bottom end goes just means i have to upgrade it lol
ill second this is a bargain and everything as stated .

im not sure the rb25 and 26 have the same exhaust manifolds , preety sure there different so it will bolt on to a 25 may need modified to fit 26 and the down pipe is modified for the s13 200sx

hope this helps :cool:
i would say from the size of that turbo if its a genuine garrett its a 550 - 600 bhp turbo.
Here are some Pics of the Down Pipe


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