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turbo timer question

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hi guys does anyone know where i could get a manual for a

comtec Betime 125 turbo timer i have one here but no manual it does have the harness but does'nt work when plugged in as last owner of the car (Keengo aka Glen) tried so would like to know what colour wire does what

only info i can find is in japanese

thanx in advance
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Any chance I could get a link to the user manual to this? Ive got one too. Its all wired in but I cant seem to get the features such as warm up and battery guage to work. Also cant seem to adjust the time it works for either...

Any help would be great,

right went and plugged it all in today as i have the harness the timer will light up etc but when i turn car off instead of it still running on the timer the engine turns of as well the only loose wire is a black one which i assume is an earth and a long yellow wire which just loops back onto itself so i did'nt mess with that

any ideas?
Mine is a different problem...When I switch off the engine keeps running but there isnt a coutdown indicating how long the timer will run for? :wtf:
that is weird hope you get it sorted bud im thinking of just getting one of them ebay ones seem to do the job on my last car
Ring me on 07972 556 234. I'll fix that for you for free. ;)
top cat your a legend i'll phone you in a sec
Got the call, I was watchin a movie with heaphones! :rofl:

Ring me again now. ;)
Hi Dave, got your text mate, Anytime on Saturday or Sunday will be fine. :)
ok matey see you saturday

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