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Hi All,

Any of you fancy supplying a paragraph or 2 about the opening day for TV MOT as a mate of mine is helping them update the website.

Sarky, a few words along the lines of sh*t f*ck bugg3r for having a blow out on the way there and having to buy 2 new tyres !!

Or those guys who went out in (can't remeber his name)but has silly amounts of BHP mwith, A * EUT number plate. Some brown trouser moments there!!

Buster, some sarcastic comments about the lacking burger van ??!

If any of you have any pics, that would be great, be good for 15mins of fame.

There is a good offer going there at the mo. Pop down and get a leaflet and book your car in for the £10 valet (exterior wash, wax and dry, windows and wheels cleaned, tyres dressed!! Normally £30 I think)

my email address is [email protected]

Cheers guys


M's Factory
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one weekend i wish id not blown my rubber ( DOH )

Buster - which reminds me. still got the competition Rubber .......
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