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Selling the following complete kit

Was a Blitz K3T MGA3070 rated at just under 900bhp as a pair

Long story behind this, however both Turbos have been fully rebuilt by Owen developments. All internals are NEW it was not just a refresh kit.

Some more pictures

The kit has

Manifolds with a single wastegate and screamer pipe
Wastegate is 44mm - Was new when Turbos fitted has no name on it though
Downpipes to De cat - With reasonably new Lambda sensors fitted about 18 months ago
2 x KKK MGA3070 turbos -Thre are 3 specs of these io believe and these are the larger
Oil lines - Basically a braidded oil pipe from each turbo to a T connector - Will require one pipe from this T piece to your engine.
2 x Pipes from Cold side of Turbo's to AFM
Pipe from intercooler to Turbos

There are all the connectors to hook it up as well.

Turbos have done about 1500 miles since they were rebuilt about 18 months -2 years ago. Basically been on the car whilst I run the engine in.

They are way to big for what I want, came of a R32 drag car (Dubai) that was running low 10s.

The only other car I know running these turbos is T88_Power of the GTR forum. He has had good things to say about them.

Only after the money back i have spent on them sorry doesn't include the AFM and filters in the first picture. Strong turbos and all parts readily available for re-builds should they be needed.

£1000 o.n.o for the whole kit. I also have a modified ECU to run this but it would need a piggy back ecu or something to map for english fuel. Will throw that in as well. Requires Z32 AFMs and minimum 600cc injectors though.

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