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I was just reading my Auto Express and in a review of the new Seat Altea, they happened to mention all Seats are named after towns in Spain. Ibiza, Leon, Alhambra, should I have noticed this before ?

Anyway, I was thinking, if MG-Rover (for example) decided to change their naming policy to the same idea for UK towns, it just wouldn't work would it. UK place names are really boring :D .

The Rover Bournmouth..err no.
The new Rover Blackpool!
The MG S****horpe :D

I guess thats why Morris never really kept it going with the Oxford etc.

Its the same for music - classic tunes for places all over the world, but nothing with a familiar home town for us. Get your kicks on route 66, just wouldn't sound the same for 'M25'.

I must be so bored. I'm sure I had a life... must have left it somewhere.... :guiness:
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