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Hi all,

Thought I'd start a project thread so here goes.
My car is a 1997 R33 spec 2 GTST with a URAS R334 conversion.

Current specs are:

Autobahn 88 fmic
HKS superflow reloaded filter
Autobahn 88 decat
Apexi catback
NGK plugs
Blitz SS bov
Japspeed Engine Dampener

Öhlins custom coilovers
Apexi front strubar
Cusco rear strutbar
Brembo slotted brake discs
EBC carbon brake pads
Custom brakestopper

BK Racing 18" 993
et20 / et15 (5mm spacers)
245/40-18 / 265/35-18

Original URAS conversion kit:
+25mm URAS conversion fenders
OEM r34 GTR xenon headlights
Conceptua Clear indicators
OEM GTR spoiler
TRS tow strap

Swoosh gauges(AFR,Boost,Oil temp.)
JAPSPEED short shifter
Led dash lights

Alpine headunit
Addzest speakers

Some pics:

I really like the way the car runs now but I'm also used to faster/quicker cars so I do have plenty of plans for the car but not really in a rush.
The goal is to eventually end up somewhere between 450 and 500 hp, while keeping it a fun car for the road.

I'll be using the car mostly to cruise around, occasionally do some laps at the nurburgring and some dragracing.

I said I'm in no hurry but you guys probably know it's hard not to buy nice parts, so yesterday I got a couple of package from Japan/UK and US.

I've also ordered Tomei Poncams and Splitfire coilpacks but the cams are made to order so I'll have to wait about 6 weeks and the coilpacks were on backorder so I'll have to be patient.

Next items I'll probably be looking for are:
Stand alone ECU
Fuel pump

But first some saving again hahah.
I also have a BMW E30 316i which has a 2.7 turbo engine with 350whp in it which needs to get some love again.

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My Internet is shocking bad so the images were loading bit by bit from top to bottom (pure 1999 dial up style), nail biting stuff as the thread details sound very very good indeed.

photo's finally loaded and ya..... that is class!!!

Keep up the great work, love it! :)

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Thanks guys!
Since I'm still waiting for my Splitfire coilpacks and Tomei cams not much has been done yet.
So while waiting on the parts and thinking about what parts to get next I've been cruising around and enjoying the car, so for now here's a couple more pics.

Gotta love tunnels


In good company of a quick Honda and a 1300bhp GTR

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Oh yeahh goodies are here :D

Splitfire coilpacks
Tomei Poncams
Cusco tension rod bar
Some OEM parts (cam seals, valvecover gasket and engine plate needed for my Nismo clutch set).

So now saving for the next items on my wishlist:
Tomei or Nismo fuel pump
Tomei turbo elbow
AEM UEGO wideband
740 cc injectors
Link G4+ ECU
Hybrid turbo

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An update, actually from a few weeks ago

Out With the old

In with the new

Next on the upgrade list is going to be my exhaust system.
I'm planning to change the stock turbo outlet, front pipe and cat and was thinking about going for the following: Tomei Expreme turbo outlet, Apexi GT front pipe and Tomei Expreme TI decat.

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So it's been a while but in the meanwhile I've bought and fitted some more parts.
The car is now at stage 1 spec.

Following has been fitted now:
3 inch front pipe
3inch decat
Stage 1 Dynotuner ecu
Greddy Profec Oled boost controller

Must say that the car sounds much nicer, it used to be a bit quiet but has a nice roar now.
After fitting the boostcontroller and turning the boost up a bit the car now moves like it should too, I still have some tweaking to do on the boost settings but I'm happy with the extra power.... for now:grinno:

Some photos

Old vs new

I still have to get the Tomei cams in, get a new fuel filter in and have the injectors cleaned, hopefully I'll be able to do all that soon.
In May I'll be going to Germany for the German Race Wars event and hope to put down a reasonable time on the 1/4 mile.

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So finally fitted the Tomei cams ans replaced the waterpump, timingbelt, tensioner and roller at the same time.
Also had an extra set of valve covers painted by a friend as I didn't like the white and the paint was falling off.

So before:

New paint has a rough texture to it.


Tomei cams in

All back together

The cams completely changed the sound of the engine.
The car was quite a bit louder after fitting the decat and front pipe but now with the cams it's even louder and it sounds mean.

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Last weekend I headed over to the first big car event of this season which was Automaxx Streetpower at the Zandvoort circuit.

As I'm into drag racing I decided that I would sign up for the races.
Well the times were disappointing as I only managed to run a best time of 14.587 @ 157 km/h with a 2.556 60ft.

Hopefully I'll have some better tires for the next time and still have some playing to do with the boost controller.
My goal for the next event which will be the German Racewars is to be in the 13's.

Some photo's taken at the event


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Thanks guys!

nice! whats that Nismo clutch like?
I love it! Easy to drive even in heavy traffic.
Only negative is that it makes some noise at lower rpms but yeah they warn you about that.

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So it's been about a year now, time for an update again I guess.
During the past year I've had to remove the head to replace 2 cracked valve guides and 2 bent valves.
Also done a couple more dragrace events trying to get the car into the 13's but unfortunately I didn't succeed yet.
Traction being the biggest issue and it looks like the car is a bit low on power as the trap speed is also a bit low.

I did get myself a set of Mickey Thompson dragradials and r32 gtr wheels now but haven't had a chance to test them yet.

As the current power the car has is no longer enough for me :grinno: I've decided to start collecting parts for my winter build.
At first I wanted to go stock block with a hybrid turbo and later build a forged engine, but I decided to spend the money once and go big right away.
My goal is to build a car that will run at least low 11's on the 1/4 mile and hopefully it will do just that somewhere next year.

So this is what's coming:

- CP forged pistons 87mm 9.0:1 CR
- Spool forged H beam rods
- Upgraded wrist pins
- ARP head studs
- Supertech +1mm valves(ex+in)
- Supertech valve spring kit + titanium retainers
- Bronze valve guides
- Deatschwerks 340lph fuel pump
- AEM water/meth injection kit
- NX wet nitrous kit
- Precision 6466 Gen 2 turbocharger T4, .84AR, split pulse
- Tial MVR 44mm wastegates x2
- Tomei poncams
- Haltech Platinum Pro ecu
- Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors

Still have to sort out what headgasket, manifold(intake and exhaust) and oilpump I'm going to be using.

I've decided to start a facebook page where I will post up the progress of my build, events I attend etc etc.
So if you're interested and don't mind a bit of my spam on your facebook wall please follow,like,share,comment

Picture time:


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Car looking amazing! Different to most R33, what kind of power you running?
Thanks mate.
Was running somewhere around stage 1 power(300-320 bhp) but I've recently sold the Bells/rsp ecu and am now running the stock ecu again until I'm ready to start putting all the new parts on the car.

Currently waiting on the exhaust manifold to be finished.
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