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used splitfire 001 - 199gbp

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just 1 set

DI Splitfire SF-DIS-001

Used set

SF DIS 001 fits Turbo & N/A
RB25 R32 R33 C33 C34 A31
RB20 R31 R32 C33 A31 Z31
(does not fit series 2 R33 RB25)

price 199gbp

EMS Courier ca. 3-5 Days Worldwide to your door. 36 Gbp
SAL Registed ca. 5-12 Days economy mail Worldwide 19 Gbp

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200 EURO shipped?
thanks for the offer but price is fix =)
No problem. worth a try:bigthumb:
no problem thanks for the offer =)
but this is already cheaper forum price
so is that £218 shipped then Dino?
yes .. =)
thanks for the offer but cant do sorry
thats a really good price
i have just paid full price for a set a few days ago
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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