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I seem to have a leak from behind timing cover. Suspect water pump is leaking as water pump runs off the timing chain? My coolant reserve is going down. Am in need of a service too OD is 95392. Am I right saying it is not necessary to take the engine out as the water pump sits behind the cover on the fwd end of the engine block and left of the center seen in driving direction. The coolant has to be drained and some parts in front of the engine have to be removed and then the thing is that the camshaft timing chain has to be slackened as this timing chain also drives the water pump.
I have been told the whole engine has to come out and also to do the complete service it is best the whole engine comes out to replace anything required.... I'm mechanically green...馃槅 Tx Laura

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The job can be done by just removing the front and the rad but i am guessing that the garage can charge you more for the engine to be removed and make it easyer for themselves but not strictly necessary especially not for a service...maybe a case of swings and roundabouts on the cost.
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