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Value of R334 GTST

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Hello all

i'm thinking about selling my skyline r334 gtst but don't know how much to sell it for. I live in denmark so the prices here may be different to yours but would like to know how much you would value the car in uk (has previously been registred in uk)

1995 R33 GTST
Rb25det engine
110xxx km
cambelt changed at 100xxx km
all other belts changed at 105xxx
oil and filter changed regularly (oil 5000km silcolene pro S - filter 10000km Sard)
HKS SPF Reloaded filter
HKS Sparkplugs (changed at 105xxxkm)
HKS Silent Hi-Power catback
greddy style inlet manifold with fmic
R34 MFD build in to dashboard and afterwords flocked to look stock
r33 gtr seats in white and black leather
r34 gtr steering wheel
car pc
alpine soundsystem (6x9 rear + 4" door + 12" sub)

Exterior completly rebulid with widebody - bodykit - r34 front - 19x10,5 rims and a lot more

Chanes since these pictures
Lambo's are off!!
JDL front bumper
r34 nismo ztune vents on front wings
flocked dash
front part of dash painted same colour as car
r34 steering wheel
and some other small parts

See my project thread for complete build
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I would personally put a price of about 6k on it, not that it doesn't look fantastic - it does! I base my valuation on the fact that you can buy a stock gtst for about 2-2.5k which leaves the valuation of your mods at 4k. You probably spent a lot more than 4k but I always base my valuation of cars on base cost + 50% of mods cost and your engine is standard/most basic mods, no? :cheers:
Btw that is valuation based on the British market, rarity of the Skyline in Denmark will affect it obviously ;)
personally i would pay £8k plus for that. Fantastic looking car
^^^ as above... £8000ish
if you do sell, that will be a shame after all the work you've done and hope someone on here buys it, as for a price I'd reckon you would get about £6-7k

oh and why did you take the lambo's off ?
I love it, it looks like a pitbull on steroids.

It's a shame the market is **** at the moment.
took the lambo's off because they were anoying me, constant needing adjusting and then still not closing proberly
is that not a 33? looks to have 34 front lights, but the rears are 33

oh i missread! my bad!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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