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I have a cheap old L reg 1.7 (non turbo) diesel for sale

It's Blue
It's done 127k (i think) probably more
It's a 5 speed manual with a good clutch
1700cc a VERY good engine that doesn't smoke any more than it should do
It has a tow bar, roof rails and 5 seats!
Good battery
Keep fit windows
No central locking
No power steering

MOT until May 5th
Tax until end of April

For the MOT it will need a new windscreen due to it has a crack from top to bottom on the drivers side, although it doesn't effect your view. The glow plugs are a bit lazy, but i just glow it up 2/3 times in the morning and she fires up fine.

It currently has a BMW wheel on the front as i got a puncture. I'll get it repaired and back on ASAP.

It's not the prettiest of cars, but it's a very cheap workhorse and is VERY economical.


Call me -: 07870 996702

Car is at my house in Leicester, it currently doesn't have a 'police aware' sticker on it, so be quick :)

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