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Hi everyone,

We brought these wheels in from japan from yahoo for a customer. He has since decided that the wheels are not the size or style that he wants to use on his car. They are down here at JDM Garage and we have agreed that it is best for us to sell and ship them from here.

The sizes are as follows:

18 x 9.5j
114.3 x 5
ET +7

18 x 12j
114.3 x 5
ET -4

The wheels are pretty good condition and are very rare these days. There is a small amount of flakey chrome around the stud holes on 3 wheels and the 4th wheel has a bit more flakey chrome than the others. The wheel with the worst flake has some small curbing marks as you can see.

Shipping will be £38 with in the uk and £80 to most places in europe

The wheels are £1195 ono we will px as well

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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