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Wanted, cheap turbo diesel car.

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Need a cheap diesel shitter, as my fuel costs are crucifying me at the moment, all my expendable income is going on fuelling the Golf.

Ok, know its a tall order, needs to be taxed and tested, have a turbo so can at least pull the skin off a ricepudding and cost not much more than £500. I dont mind dents etc, just not in red (evil colour) and not a Renault.

If anyone knows of one can they pm please.
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i'll ask my my missus if her work has an ex write off they always have very cheap shitters in :)
Cheers muchly :)
she'll find out tomorrow and she knows the anything but red or french lol
she'll find out tomorrow and she knows the anything but red or french lol
Sorry, the girl in me says no red cars, and after owning a Renault i wouldnt own another one......well not one with a renault badge, thanks :)
yeah i've owned a Renault Clio sport and it blew its clutch and Renault wanted £600 to replace it lol so sold the car an been in jap RWD since lol as for red cars i miss my red r32 and think R32s are sexy in red lol.

any hoo i'll let you know :)
Bump, more urgent now, looks like golf is dying, anyone????
i can acquire a rover 200 turbo diesel with tax and test cheaply but its not the best car
Don't laugh, these boys are reliable, go for ever and are built like tanks:


(The very Last of the original Classic 900 Turbo model with the rare VDO gauges)

which has covered 172,000 miles with Full Service history all stamped up,(in fact the service book has ran out of room for stamps) every pre MOT certificates, ton's of invoices bills & receipts Leather Saab Handbook folder, HPI clear

Only 4 previous owners in total.

The MOT expires July 2010.

The coachwork, is in raven black. this is complimented with full grey buffalo leather trim, this is in great condition. with a deep grey carpet,

power steering
5 speed manual gearbox
rare VDO gauges
Cruise control
electric windows
electric sunroof
electric adjustable mirrors
Sony mask radio'cd with remote
electric aerial,chunky leather steering wheel, adjustable front seats,aircon,climate,toolkit,rear parcel shelf,rear spoiler,aero alloys.
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Has to have a turbo or I will kill it through sheer frustration, and me and ebay dont get on, dont even have an account. Looks like the hg has gone on the golf now, damn it, can do without it.
And cheap insurance, Im about to get stung for about a grands worth of bills, insurance, gas and electric etc, am desperately looking for another job as, £100 expendable income a month isnt gonna cut it with this, stress levels rising, stupid cars.
The saab is cheap as at the moment!
Not to insure though!!! Its getting to the point where the barge will be made into many little pieces, has to be cheap on all front, yes I know im asking for a miracle :shakehead:
SO you want a cheap turbo ...........why does it need turbo if you need cheap as well?

I think you need to ask yourself which is more important.

Low insurance/running cost/Turbo big engine?
Turbo because a diesel wont pull the skin of a rice pudding and I do 600+ miles a week!! Saab is a sporty car not a family wagon, so wont be cheap. And seeing as Im only getting 35mpg in the golf I am getting ass raped and Im not liking it. Mate has a passat, had it mapped, he can still get 70mpg!!!
sorry i didn't get back to you about this i did ask my wife about what they had at work and she said all she knows of is THIS

Thats the company she works for they may have more but its looking like they aint that cheap. the puma is gone that's on the site (my wife owns it now lol)
Fingers crossed am going to look at a volvonk this evening, priced up insurance for the year, its an extra £11.63, (now I know Im getting old!!!). Thanks anyways hun, appreciate the time.
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