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wanted greddy white faced 60mm gauges / pod

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i am after some second hand greddy gauges i need boost and oil presure as i alresdy have two temp gauges thanks dan and a pod holder almost forgot that one lol :cool:
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This of any help/interest for you mate? :)
i would bud but idealy i need a tripple pod
thanks though if i can find some more of them i might be interested
thanks dan
Not a problem mate. Good luck! :cheers:
Found this for you mate, and as they are just up the road from you you could pop in to see if they have any.
yeah thamks andre was going to nip up there today to see what they ave
I have a 60mm boost gauge, its electric i think not mechancial

With a white face.not in great condition as it has not glass on the front, easy to replace tho. its your for £25, could tide you over for a while.

Messeage me if you want a pic.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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