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Im looking for - if you either have any to sell, or can recomend where to go to get them - ...
( For R33 GTS-T, 1994, stage one'ish mods )
-Splitfire coilpacks new or second hand,
-Appropriate plugs to go with the coil packs,
-An uprated fuel pump to replace a standard one to keep me safe for 300BHP+,
-A power FC or other decent ECU replacement/upgrade to adjust fuel&air etc,
-I also need new/decent used brake discs front standard or not and pads ( good ones ),
-i even need two new back tyres, or part worn as long as there decent 225/50 16's - IE continentals, P6000's etc ( MOT soon you see ),
-An uprated intercooler when i get all the above sorted,
-I might even keep my eye out for a change of front and rear bumpers that match my typical dark metallic grey R33.

Thanks, PM me for faster response, or reply to this for non-urgent ( I dont get reports to say iv had a response ).
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