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Wanted R32 GTR

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Will have £5.5 - 6k to buy a r32GTR want 400bhp+ must be proven no pub bhp please lol, will be buying Mid-Late November

Prefer Gun Metal or silver, must have some T&T no rot boxes :bigthumb:

what you got, state specs and pics please

have seen one i want but just outta price range gutted :( - (convert's)
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You'll not be playing with that much in scrubs :nonono:
P.m sent Mark ;)
lol dont have it yet mate
Was typing it.. Lol
ahh yes no i has it :bigthumb:
You'll not be playing with that much in scrubs :nonono:
lol :booty:
got my eye on a few in japan now :D
updated the spec.

Now UK Mapped
NISMO lowered suspension
NISMO 400R Indicators
HKS Exhaust
Carbon Vented Bonnet

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arrrgh dave lol the wife just wont let me have the extra funds :(

beutifull car
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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