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Wanted R34 GTT walbro fuel pump

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hey poeple,
has any one got a walbro for a GTT for sale please? other wise ill have to order a new one.

thanks Baz
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I'd suggest buying a new one from conceptua tunning on here :)
What he said mate. Give Chris and Karen at Conceptua a shout. They will have one for reasonable price. :)
do you have any contact details for them?
You can find it in their Trader section...

Here you go

Conceptua Tuning
[email protected]
Freephone 0800 0 23 44 23
International 0044 1803 85 00 50
same mirorman as the one selling at ? decided not to sell ?
yes mate the same, yep still selling, just wanna change the fuel pump first as the current is dying, and dont want to sell a faulty car!
ok nice mate you're stil taking care of the car. man if i could convince my partends ....
I now have a new one thanks.

mods can close now please
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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