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Hi there,
I am new to the forum, for a simple reason.
I want to warn anybody out there looking to buy a cheap or smaller spec Skyline from buying this car from this buyer. The engine has had it and he tried his best to hide it from me.

I will first attach the eBay item id: 161215689196

Description of: "Nissan Skyline R33 GTS 2.0 litre/non turbo/ Auto"

I travelled a long way to come and view this car. Was intended as a project for the weekends, to convert this to a turb of some kind.
Upon seeing the car, seller was very awkward, barely wanted to speak to me about his 'pride and joy'.

Engine was pre-warmed, fluids rammed full and oil filler cap had been pre tightened so I couldn't check for the obvious.
Had to ask to see it, and after using a pair of pliars to remove it, he then took the cap with him! Only after I managed to see it I was able to see the leftovers of a head gasket failure.

Upon quizzing him afterwards, he denies it all. Said he will get car inspected and approved as fit for purpose, and has since re listed it on eBay with 50 watchers per hour...

I am only worried that someone with lesser used car buying experience will be a victim of this guy and couldn't sleep not posting on the forum about this.

Guys Name is Alex.

Car reg N911 BCH.

Buyers beware. Thanks for reading.
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