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Just been doing a bit of spring cleaning on the R33, took the boot carpet out, took the space-saver spare out and the spare wheel well was an inch deep in water! Can't really see how or why? so was wondering if this is a common fault , i.e water always comes in through rearlights/stupid boot design, leaky seals etc. Any advice welcomed :)

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very common fault mate the search button is your friend :D
get some new seals
Maybe try tightening your spoiler bolts mate.
Just my 2p worth :bigthumb:
Sometimes the seals around the rear light clusters let in water, maybe tru some silicone bathroom sealer around the lip. on my 32 had the same problem and ajusted the bolts on the boot lid, seemed to do the trick.
ive recently replaced the boot seal with one i took off a van much bigger etc seems to be okay at the mo
Thanks for the replies guys, my boot seal looks okay, think it might be the rear light seals that need looking at, will check the spoiler bolts too. Thanks again :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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