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Weds 13th jan = 1st DYWB of 2010 - Beginner and Advanced Drift day

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DriftWhatYouBrung is a day at Santa Pod Raceway aimed at those who want a safe place to practice the basics of drifting without fear of kerbs or the cops :D

Free tuition is available from any of the DWYB marshals who are happy to give some pointers - many of the fresh starters who have attended so far have been able to link the whole track by the end of the day :nod:

To ensure Minimum queue time,maximum seat time (tm) there is enough space for :

1 x Large Main DWYB Track - based on EDC 08 layout

1 x 'Kidney' DWYB Demo Track

3 x Newbie play pens for fig 8s, donuts etc


50 cars maximum - 40 in advance and 10 slots available on the day


Gates open from 8.30am to 5pm with drifting from 9.30am to 4.30pm - no lunch break

110db Noise restriction


Helmets recommended for DWYB advanced track only - not needed for playpens or kidney

Full Tyre changing facilities : £5 per rim + £2 disposal if needed

There are toilet facilities on site

Sue's Cafe :worthy: will be open from 10am til 3pm


£60 per driver - booking ONLINE direct with Santa Pod here :

Santa Pod Ticket Shop


on phone 01234 782828 - the ladies on switchboard wont know any more info than is on the website so best off asking any Qs on here :dw:

Booking early is advised as every DWYB last yr sold out 2 weeks in advance - Online booking close at 5pm on day before :smash:

If you make a booking and are unable to attend you will be given a credit for a future DWYB date by phoning Santa Pod and arranging to return your ticket by post - sorry no refunds

If your ticket does not arrive in post in time just collect one from main office before you drive up to track :cool:

£10 for spectators on the gate

Bring with you..

As many spare tyres as you can fit in the car
Jack and Tools
Petrol can
Baby wipes
Warm clothes
Driver's Licence for sign on

If you forget your jack the DWYB jack can be rented for £1 a lift :smash:

If its your 1st Drift day make sure you read this thread by Paz :thumbs: Basic Drift Day Prep

DWYB website :

DWYB - Drift What Ya Brung


How many tyres do i need ?

Lots - rule of thumb is as many as you can fit in car as there is nothing worse than being at drift day with a working car, empty track and no tyres

Where can i get tyres from ? Rent spare rims ?

Contact the chaps @

Can my mates come out for passenger rides ?


How much does it cost ?

Its costs £60 in advance per driver

Is it fully booked yet ?

Once full i will post up 'Fully booked '

Help it has sold out - what do i do ?

We hold back 10 tickets at every event as people often dont turn up. Advance tickets are £60 - Pay on day £70

What will weather be like ?

Check - BBC Weather | Wellingborough

What happens if it rains ?

DWYB will run regardless - you will use less tyres and more petrol

Do i need a welded diff / Fancy JDM 2-way ?

a diff that locks both wheels will help - however its not vital for you to come along and have FUN

Do I need lots of power/ Stage6.9chip/ SuperDuperHybridTurbo/ 2JZ

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1 lex
2 donrevey
3 jay green
4 belinda
5 mr nick

add your name 2 the list
well there is alot more people booked for this drift day.get boooked now:bigthumb:
not long now til 1st DWYB of 2010 :D
fair enough

Why dont you just rent one of our skylines ?

You get lessons in how to drift from experts

all the fun without the risk :D
Lex when will u be putting up a list of the up coming dates?
here they are dude

can also be seen on the DWYB site
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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