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Weird electrical and loud clicking when trying to start

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Well it is Christmas Day, so Merry Christmas everyone.

Anyway I was going to take the car out for a Christmas drive and after all the cold weather we have had in the past week it seems she is reluctant to leave the garage.

She has been sat for about 4 weeks and been garaged during that time but this morning when I went to turn off the alarm the indicators flashed 4 times not twice which was worrying.

Then when I got in and tried to start her all I got was a loud cracking that sounded like it was coming from the start motor area with the dash board lights flashing at the same rate of the cracking.

Having a poke around I decide to try some other electrics. Side lights are ok but the Xeons are intermittent, electric mirrors are very sluggish, interior lights are fine, aircon display is fine.

So I expect that due to the weather, I am in Buckinghamshire so it has been white here for a week and is only starting to melt, ice has gotten to the electrics which is causing them to play silly buggers.

If there are any saddos like me on the internet at christmas who might have an idea on how to get her going in the next 2 hours or so that would be great or I am off to my mothers for dinner in the diesel Alfa :(
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It sounds like the batterys flat mate, Best get it on charge as soon as pos. It will have enough juice for the lights and so on to work but it won't have enough amps to turn the started or anything else that has a heavy load.
That is what I thought but it just didn't explain the odd electrics.

Guess it is the Alfa for Christmas.
battery flat means no power to electrics to work correctly
Lots of clicking (crackling) could be relays turning on and off, classic sign of a weak battery.
Ah well will be down for a new battery tomorrow then, cheers for the help.
it could be uffle wuffle valve
Surely it's got to be the coilpacks? :D
Surely it's got to be the coilpacks? :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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