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Hi all,

My name is Derek, myself and my pal Steve run Symmetry Productions, and this summer we'll be shooting a documentary about the Irish JDM scene.
I suppose you could say we're old school forum heads - we were around in the DTD, Torque-IRL days. We've grown up (slightly!) but still retained our love for modded jdm. We've collectively owned everything from rps13s and supercharged Levins to Impreza STi's and SW20 MR2s, sadly no Skylines though :(

This summer we'll be shooting a documentary on the scene in ireland, specifically through a handful of people and their pride and joys. We'll be focusing on the icons of the time - mk4 supra, ver6 Impreza STi, FD RX-7, and of course the R32/33/34 Skyline GTR!

This is a complete passion project for us and so has no budget, but will be a full feature length production. If you're interested in taking part or would like more info, please send a mail to [email protected] with 'JDM Icons' in the subject line and your car's spec and photos as well as some info about you!

Many thanks for your time,
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