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West sussex Newbie

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Hello all,
I just thought id post on the newbie forum so that i may be able to meet a few owners locally,
my name is Dom,Im in West sussex and im 24 and have just bought my first skyline gtst, shes a spec 2 typeM and in white with full GTR interior.
Im completely new to skylines so may ask many annoying questions in the future, but im sure there are loads of you out there who know the answers.
look forward to hearing from people
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Hi and Welcome :D

West Sussex ftw...
Hey welcome :)

yeah the is a FAQ section which might help you... if not dont be shy to ask :D
welcome to the club get some pics up.
welcome to the club dude :D

get a few pictures up for us to look at :D
Look out for me burning around the area :)

Welcome en board!
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