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WGC34 RB25DE into C33 20E

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kia ora,
I have done a few engine conversions into A, C and R chassis, most of the time they are fairly easy, however this is the first WGC34 engine and ECU (Grey Plug)
I have the engine and loom from a StageA fitted in all good, the problem I'm having is with the signal from the ECU to the Igniton coil relay (only one on the WGC34 loom) and the signal to the fuel pump relay, I am of the understanding that these two signals earth their appropriate relays to switch the relays power on.
I know what pin out they are from the ECU #4 and #13 respectively, however I am not getting an earth signal from them, thus no triggering of the relays.
I also know the body loom wiring colours for ignition coil relay (orange wire) and fuel pump relay trigger is (black with violet trace), however when I earth this at the relay end there is no trigger, when I earth the (red with white trace at the body loom) the pump activates? and power 12V comes through the black with violet trace..

I can earth these wires and both relays are tripped and working, I am a little stumped on this.

I have tried another known working ECU from my R34 with no difference.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated
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