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This thread will hopefully be a nice list of all the members cars on here. With a "brief" overview of what you have done to your car since taking ownership plus 2 photos, one of it when you first got it and one of it as it stands now.

Then a quick wish list of whay your plans for it are for the next 6/12 months.

Remember 2 photos only as I dont want it to overcrowd the thread, use your own project thread to whore it out :D

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Resprayed in Honda Amathyst Black
Knight Racer Carbon bonnet
Knight Racer GTT/GTR Spec 1Front Bumper
Knight Racer Carbon mirror covers
Knight Racer Bomex side and rear body kit
Knight Racer Flush Aero catches
Siebon Carbon Eyebrows
Nismo smoked side repeaters
Nismo smoked Front Indicators
Nismo Carbon Fibre Pillar covers.
EPRacing Carbon Wind Deflectors
Carbon boot

Under Pinnings :D
Nistune Ecu
Japspeed Short Shifter
Japspeed Exhaust
Japspeed Frount Mounted Intercooler
Japspeed DeCat
Manual conversion
400bhp clutch
Greddy Trust downpipe
SFS Purple silicone hoses
SFS Purple silicone intake pipe
HKS SSQV blow off valvue
Apexi Induction Kit
Splitfires Coilpacks
Iridium Spark plugs
Polished intake pipe
Polished intake plenum (Too be fitted asap)
Do-Luck pink engine respray (soon to be powdercoated)
Nismo thermostat
Sumopower Purple anodised oil cap

Custom purple flocked interior
Mitsubishi Evo 8 Recaro front seats
Carbon centre gauge cluster
Carbon speedo surround
Carbon gear surround and ashtray
Carbon EPRacing 5speed D1 gear knob
Greddy turbo timer
Apexi AVC-R Boost controller
Apexi Rev/Speed meter and G-Sensor
Sabelt 4 point harnesses x2
Blue and Purple LED dash/guage bulbs


MeisterR Coilvers
Japspeed rear camber arms
310mm EBC dimpled and grooved discs (Front)
Do-Luck Braided brake hoses (purple)
Green Stuff / Ferodo Pads
18" Ultralite GT-II Alloys
Falken 452's all round

In Car Entertainment
Kenwood KVT 627DVD
(motorized single din 7inch Touch screen)
Kenwood KNA-G520 Navigation
Traffic alerts via FM (Lifetime subscription)
Ipod adapter
Analogue TV Tuner with aftermarket industrial Ariel.
12" 1000w Fli Active Subwoofer
Parrot CK3000 bluetooth hands free kit wired into Kenwood.

Plans for the next 6 months:
Front brake upgrade, possibly GTR Brembo's
Japspeed toe arms
Methanol kit
Replace map sensor
Cusco roll cage
Rear and underside bracing
Turbo upgrade
Replace front bumper
Vinyl wrap

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Really liking the idea of this Balloo


R32 GTR seats
White painted dash
HKS boost gauge
Momo Steering wheel
Apexi PFC
Greddy Profec B Spec-2
Dvd head unit

19" GTR wheels
GTR spoiler
GTR front bumper
Unknown Side skirts
Unknown rear spats
Lowered on RSR springs with conceptua uprated shocks

Lots of bling
Unknown strut brace
Japspeed decat
Japspeed single silenced Exhaust
Japspeed D1 front mount intercooler
Greddy Profec B spec 2 boost controller
Huge K&N Airfilter


Within the next year
Side skirts resprayed
Turbo elbo and downpipe ugrade
full under seal
Manual conversion
Carbon Bonnet

this is me take it or do one....that simple
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balloou2u good idea for this thread mate dont have any b4 pics but got the car completely standard

so far ive added the following

de-cat pipe
stainless steel turbo elbow
greddy profec2 boost controller
mines ecu and now purchased an apexi fc n commander
apexi airfilter
front strut brace
carbon wrapped the dash air ducts and side window pillers
carbon wrapped the rear gtr spoiler blade...

so my next goals are going bigger bhp so in two minds to either buy a hybrid turbo or go top mount
550 injectors
bigger brakes
stainless steel exhaust manifold and a nice lovely remap
and a getting fully undersealed nxtweek
woop woop

or and maybe repaint or wrapp in matt black

seeking to be one of thee top DE+t conversions
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Before bog standard rb25de bought in sept 2008

Current spec

CAR, Was a standard RB25 de (original DE headgasket, Engine and gearbosx spec 1 r33 rb25de with +t conversion

Engine, breathing and drivetrain

*Q45 AFM
*blue anodized adjustable fuel pressure regulator
*boost junkies hi flow fuel filter
*radiator swirl pot with a Fubar cap with pressure release button
*Gtst injectors
*wasted spark setup with 10mm core wires
*NGK cold spark plugs (cold rating 7)
*52mm core radiator with basic rad cap and water wetter
*All Air con removed
*chromed A/R 50 500bhp/30psi capable t3/t4 top mount turbo...just oil cooled, steel gaskets
*chrome look Thermo-Tec Turbo Cover ( )
*stainless topmount manifold with steel gaskets
*stainless 3.5inch into 3 inch (silvia s15) topmount downpipe modified to mate to r33 front pipe
*stainless 3inch Apex front pipe
*JDM garage decat
*stainless 3.75'' bore toyo catback exhaust with 4.75' back box (straight through) with uprated polyurthene yellow rubbers
*Blue anodized 38mm 10psi minimum spring external wastegate venting to atmosphere
*Blue Earthing/grounding kit x 2
*japspeed oil catch tank
*japspeed magnetic drain plug
*Japspeed shortshifter kit
*Standard gearbox with R32 gtr organic stage 3 clutch/release bearing with lucas performance oil stabilizer (Lucasoils)
*HKS style yellow mushroom airfilter
*Devils own methonol injection kit with in boot tank (bruce-m) with pre throttle body and pre tubo jets, controlled by boost controller...set to come on at 6psi
*Bee R rev limitter
*Large 3'' deep FMIC with hard pipe kit...modified for topmount turbo with 2.5'' hard intercooler piping and intake to and turbo to intercooler heat wrapped
*HKS oil cooler, HKS sandwich plate, always add 1liter of lucas oil to the engine oil and changed every 2 months regardless of how little the car is used
*steel braided fuel lines
*steel braided oil line and fittings for turbo
*intank walbro 255 lph fuel pump
*intake charge temperature gauge
*New genuine nissan Lambda sensor
*New ECU temp sensor

Engine Management

*Blitz easy access ecu
*Blitz turbo timer (Volt meter/Over Boost warning/ Lost boost pressure)
*Blitz electronic boost controller (hi/low gain)
*Blitz power meter I-D III
*Apexi Electronic air/fuel controller


*Gtst calipers all round, re-drilled to suit 4 stud hubs
*Standard rear discs with conceptua rear pads
*Drilled and grooved front discs with carbonetic front pads
*conceptua Blue steel braided brake lines all round extended to bolt straight into the calipers
*Dot 5.1 brake fluid
*Master cylinder brake stopper

Suspension and chassis handle

*17'' alloys with 225 tyres on front and 245 tyres on the rear
*Front top mount strut brace
*Japspeed front lower strut brace
*Japspeed track rod end arms
*Japspeed front tension rods
*Japspeed front upper camber arms
*Japspeed rear camber arms
*Japspeed rear traction arms
*Japspeed rear strut brace
*Japspeed Engine damper
(above all heavy duty pillowball joints and fully adjustable in blue :D )
*serious performance rear poly bushes and droplink kit (antiroll bar)
*serious performance front antiroll bar bushes
*Powder coated red rear subframe brackets courtesy of Moff Shop
*JDM Garage 25mm huncentric wheel spacers front and rear (superforma), with a 5mm slip on spacer on rears too
*JDM garage total hicas elimiator kit in red with solid bushes in hubs (superforma)
*kyb shocks with standard springs
*uprated front drop links
*full geometry setup with a slight bit of camber

Interior/exterior styling

*resprayed matt black with a few body parts gloss black
*Full car decals
*Red stitch leather gaiters and arm rest covers
*Vented headlight cold air duct
*demon tweaks chrome quick releases for front bumper
*seat cupra r front splitter
*TRS red tow straps, front and rear
*Isotta Aluminium foot peddles and foot rest
*single cd player with all alpine speakers
*GTR spoiler with risers to give more lift/height and Tegiwa green anodized counter sunk washers
*GTR style grill
*polished cam covers
*Chrome bumper quick releases
*Chrome bonnet stay
*Chrome Bonnet rams/dampers
*All blue silicon vacuum,breathers and joiners
*boost junkies blue cam cover joiner
*Thermal Velocity reflective heat protection from cam breather to oil catch tank pipework over turbo
*Thermal Velocity reflective heat proction for all the methanol injection piping
*Nismo bonnet lip
*Nismo clear side wing repeaters
*Ziax front canards
*Rear diffuser
*Nismo seat belt pads
*Nismo white 320kph clocks
*GTR centre gauges below cd player
*twin 'A' pillar 52mm oil temp/pressure gauges and 2bar boost gauge
*carbon style b pillers
*rear 3 tinted windows
*All EFL stainless steel
-radiator shroud,power steering res cover,brake res cover, cas cover, washer bottle cover, Radiator overflow tank cover,fuse box cover, window relay cover, window motor cover, gear surround cover,coilpack cover, radiator slam panel,
*Spec r stainless washer cap
*Stainless sill plate covers
*Stainless carbon canistor cover
*Stainless AFM cover
*Tegiwa Blue anodized counter sunk washers with stainless bolts in engine (replaced all 10mm types in engine bay)
*Tegiwa white gear knob
*chrome dial rings
*chrome door lock/handles
*flocked dash, dash surround and gear surround (pleasure of MYKI)
*car fully undersealed and then painted gloss black underneath and arches
*Rear wiper, motor removed and bunged to fill hole in window
*2kg in-car fire extinguisher​

car as it is now


Big break upgrade
Custom remap
New alloys
japspeed front and rear lower arms/wishbones (then i have the full set :D )
New coilovers???

(to complete from when japshow finale 18th to the fist show in march???)

seeking to be one of thee top DE+t conversions
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... is modifying the driver
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Day I bought her : July 2008 - totally stock apart from the alloy wheels...

Now...(most recent pic - a few months old)

Current spec list

Next in no particular order...

17x9.5 JDM wheels
Greddy\replica intake
Rear brembos
Rear diffuser

Carbon Addict
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My UK R33 (Number 98/100) - February 15th 1999...

And in comparison; a couple of mods, 39,500 miles and 12 years later...

Hmm spec, now that's interesting as I can't remember it all so just the basics;

Tweenie Rob build custom RB28
Destressed block
HKS Step 3 forged internals
TR Custom dry sump
TR Custom Racing head
HKS T62R turbo
Twin fuel rails with 6 x 1000cc inj and 6 x 600cc inj
6 x 250 shot direct port nitrous
Custom remote oil tank and fuse box relocation
Ti exhaust with screamer pipe

Top Secret carbon Bonnet
Carbon bonnet splitter
Carbon N2 ducts
Carbon 400R front splitter
Nismo 400R front bumper
Nismo clear side repeaters
Nismo clear front indicators
Bi Xenon headlights
Carbon Bonnet dampers
Carbon slam pannel
Carbon wrapped oil tank
Jun side skirts
Nismo 400R arch kit
Craft square blue lense carbon mirrors
Carbon boot
Do-Luck T2 carbon rear wing
Top Secret carbon rear diffuser
Top Secret carbon vortex generators

Carbon rear seat delete
Carbon dash surround
Cusco safety 21 roll cage
Cusco carbon rear bars
Cusco dorr bars
Cobra carbon bucket seats
5 point harnesses

Wheels / Suspension
CE28N 19x10 matte black wheels with 295/30/19 tyres
TE37 19 x 10 gold wheels with Mickey Thompsons
Nismo full race suspension
AP racing 6 pot and 4 pot kits

I'm sure there's more but CBA to list it all ;)

Plans for the next 6 months
Install Works Bell boss and hub and Carbon steering wheel
Install Motec engine and dash loom
Install Motec M800 ECU
Install Motec SDL and SLM
Install Nitrous kit
Install Garage defend carbon canards
Install carbon intake pipe
Install carbon strut covers
Install carbon exhaust heat shield
Install carbon stone guards
Install carbon rear seat delete
Map and enjoy the 1200+ ponies :)

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When I got her:

Just noticed I used the wrong interior shot, and the engine bay is not mine.... but it was standard.


Standard Block
1.6mm HKS MLS Headgasket
Cometic Inlet Manifold Gasket
Std Nissan Water Pump
Std Nissan Oil Pump
NGK Iridium 8 Plugs (two stages colder)
SFS Turbo Intake Pipe
SFS Coolant Pipes
SFS Breather Pipe Kit
Silicon Vacumm lines
Silicon Boost Lines & Pipes
Fuchs Titan Race S 15/50 Oil


RSP450 R34 Hybrid turbo
HKS SPF Reloaded Filter
HKS Silent Hi Power Cat Back 80mm Exhaust
Apex Performance 3" Downpipe
Apex PErformance 3" Decat Pipe


Conceptua Uprated Fuel Filter
JECS 550cc Injectors
Walbro 255lph Pump


Hybrid-Power HDi GT Spec Intercooler Kit
Japspeed 50mm twin core race rad
Niz406 Modified RaceSpec Oil Catch Can
Driftworks 19 Row Thermostatic oil cooler kit
McGillan Motorsports Red Alloy Sensor Sandwich Plate
ICP Cooler Thermostat
Niz406 Modified 3M Wrapped Coilpack Cover


RSP Modified Stock ECU
Gizzmo MS-IBC (4 boost settings)
Yellow Jacket Coilpacks
Niz406 Engine Earthing Kit
Apexi Turbo Timer
SWoosh Smoked 60mm Boost Gauge
SWoosh Smoked 60mm Oil Temp Gauge


Sony Mex-BT2700 Bluetooth Headunit - Iphone Control
Alpine SPS1005 Tweeters
Alpine 6.5" Type S Midrange Drivers
Alpine Type S Crossovers
Original Skyline GTR Carozzera (Pioneer) 3 Way Rear Speakers


MeisterR Zeta S Coilovers
Driftworks front camber arms
Driftworks rear camber arms
Driftworks tension rods
Driftworks traction control arms
Japspeed front strut brace
GTR rear strut brace
Whiteline Adjustable Front Heavy Duty ARB
Whiteline Adjustable rear ARB
Whiteline Heavy Duty adjustable droplink kit.


Apex Performance MSA Approved 6 Point Cage
Black TRS Magnum 3" 4 Point Harnesses
Red Corbeau Forza Sport Bucket Seats - Custom Trimmed.
Retrimmed Red Door Cards
Retrimmed Red Rear Quarter Cards
Razo Gear Knob ( to be replaced)
3M wrapped dash, and door switch panels
Nissan Prince Fukuoka Mat Set


Nismo Clear Side Repeaters
Nismo 400R Clear Front Indicators
KR 400R Modified spec1 bumper
Replica Nismo 400R rear bumper
M Spec Sideskirts
GTR spoiler
Tegiwa Imports Alloy washers
Tegiwa Staineless steel fixings


EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors all round
EBC Yellow Stuff all round
Conceptua braided lines
Moff Shop brake stopper
Motul 5.1 fluid


WORK replica 18 inch X 8.5"
Toyo T1R 255/35/18
Performance Alloys Spigot Rings
D1 Spec Locking Racing Nut set

As she stands:

Left to do:

Fit Subframe Locking collars.
Fire extingusiher.
Carbon Bonnet.
Carbon Spoiler blade.
Carbon Carnards.
Carbon Splitter.

Then enjoy on track :)

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Well as she was when I got her:-

Breif Spec

HKS induction
R34 turbos @ 0.9bar
Trust downpipes
HKS exhaust

Suspension & Wheels
HKS hyper-D coilovers
19" Inovite Excite
Falken FK-452

Top Secret front bumper
Top Secret side skirts
400R front under tray
ABFLUG carbon rear diffuser
ARC high level wing

Full leather interior
OEM skyline mats
MOMO race steering wheel

I've taken the ARC wing off and fitted HSK BOV's + NISMO clocks and centre gauges since then

Plans/What I'd like
Carbon blade (either off the shelf, 400R or have an idea of my own I'm gonna look into)
Carbon B pillars
sort ICE out
Get her to a rolling road
Carbon Bonnet

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When I got her

And now

• RSP forged bottom end with Eagle rods & RIPS baffled sump
• Japspeed front mount intercooler
• HKS S40i spark plugs
• Link G4 ECU + Knock block
• Anti-lag, launch control, flat shift
• RSP induction kit + custom intake box
• Rising sun alloy intake pipe
• Splitfire Coil packs
• Nismo oil cap
• HKS Rad cap
• Polished fuse box cover + Slam panel + Header tank cover
• Polished washer bottle + P.A.S cover + Brake resevoir
• Polished Head light covers + Washer motor cover + relay cover
• Polished cam covers + Inlet plenum + Boost pipes
• HKS Super drager Exhaust
• 1.5mm head gasket
• Tomei Pon inlet Cam
• Greddy style plenum
• Apex performance 80mm Throttle Body
• Rising sun breather kit
• Samco boost hoses
• Samco water Hoses
• Japspeed Alloy RAD
• Sard 850cc injectors
• Turbo beanie + heat wrapped downpipe
• XS power 50mm Screamer pipe
• XS power 50mm External wastegate
• GT3582 turbo with ported shroud
• S-tec Tubular Greddy style top mount stainless steel manifold
• RSP custom cold air box
• Devilsown water/methanol injection kit
• Nismo cooler thermostat
• 13 row mocal oil cooler
• 10 row mocal PAS cooler
• Nismo engine mounts
• Japspeed engine brace
• Electronic stabalizer
• Earthing kit
• Cold Fusion Nitrous wet kit (25bhp)
• Throttle body water bypass
• Various blue engine detailing

• Redline Heavy duty Gearshock oil
• Nismo Gearbox Mount
• Ikeya formula sequential shifter
• Competion clutch Stage 5 - 4 PUK
• Autosauras 1 piece lightweight prop
• Conceptua tuning extended + Baffled Diff casing
• Shimmed Diff
• S15 3.592 long ratio Crown wheel & pinion
• S13 Diff cooler

• Black Team Dynamics split rims 8.5J 18” Alloys
• Advan Racing RG in Gold with Slicks medium compound for track days

• DB 345 brembo grooved Discs + Yellow stuff oversized Pads
• Conceptua tuning Grooved & Dimpled rear discs + Yellow stuff rear pads
• 5.1 Brake fluid
• Conceptua tuning Braided brake lines
• Brake Ducting
• Brake stopper

• Whiteline Front + Rear Sway bars
• HSD Coil overs
• GTR Rear strut brace
• Front strut brace
• Japspeed lower front strut brace
• SuperPro Steering rack Poly bushes
• SuperPro Subframe poly bushes
• SuperPro Diff poly bushes
• SuperPro front upper inner poly bushes
• SuperPro Front + Rear lower arm Poly bushes
• Whiteline front camber adjusters
• SuperPro rear camber adjusters
• Conceptua BYCAS removal kit
• Conceptua adjustable front tension rod arms

• Jun 400r front + rear bumpers
• Jun side skirts
• GTR carbon fibre rear spoiler with Blade lift kit
• GTR Grille
• 400r Arch Extensions
• Border Carbon Fibre Bonnet + raised at rear
• Ziax Carbon Tailgate
• Carbon Canards
• Carbon Nismo bonnet lip
• DTM style Carbon wing mirrors
• HID Hi + Low Conversion
• DW front tow eye
• Polycarbonate rear windows
• Japspeed single wiper coversion with euro wiper

• Cobra Monaco Bucket seats
• OMP Suede steering wheel
• Evolution charge temp gauge
• Polished Gear stick surround
• Oil temp + AFR + Boost gauge mounted in dash top mount
• EGT gauge pod mounted by A-pillar
• Various silver dash detailing
• 6 point Roll cage
• Carbon wrapped kick plates, Glove box and steering collum cover

• Air con & Sound Proofing removed
• Rear seats, Door cards & Carpets removed
• Seat belts removed
• Jack + Spare wheel removed
• Parcel shelf + speakers & wiring removed
• Rear wiper & motor + wiring removed
• All exhaust + Manifold heat shields
• Complete Hicas removal inc ECU & wiring

• Kenwood head unit
• Seas front components

• TOAD CAT 1 Alarm + immobiliser
• RAC Tracker

• 622bhp @1.5bar
• 505ft/lbs @1.5bar

• Solid lifters for 8k+ rev limit (already purchased)
• Flocked dash
• Some more weight reduction over winter.

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When i got her...

Aftermarket Steering wheel
Dvd/Sat nav
Screens in headrests
Momo gear knob
Boost gauge

Repainted wheels black (Veilside andrews)
Aftermarket front bumper (1 of 6 made and sold)
'SKYLINE' light up rear panel
GTR Spoiler

Tein 35mm lowering springs

Blitz front mount intercooler
NGK Grade 7 spark plugs
K&N air filter
Boost controller (10psi)
RSP stgae 1 ecu
3" turbo elbow, downpipe, decat and exhast
Strut brace

How she looks now...

Future plans (6 months)
JUN side skirts and rear spats
400r bonnet vents
Manual conversion
Blacked out windows
Engine bling
Re-trim seats

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Well I've only owned my Skyline for 3 weeks now, when I bought it there was already a couple of mods done so heres the list:

Factory Fitted Nismo Aero Kit
Nismo Clear Front And Side Indicators
LED Tail lights
Xenon Headlights
Genuine 18'' Enkei NTO3 Alloys

Sony cd/mp3 player
2xPioneer Subs
2 Amps (all installed in the boot)

Blitz Air Filter
Blitz ssvq BOV
HKS Downpipe
Blitz Nur Spec Cat Back
Japspeed Front Mount Intercooler
Nismo 3 Paddle Clutch
Ultra Speed meter

Tein Coilover suspension
Tomei 2 way diff.

I've since added a set of White Vacuum hoses from Boostjunkies and a Carbon Slam Panel courtesy of Balloo2u

Heres a pic from last week when i got it cleaned up and the engine after the hoses were put on

I have alot of plans for it including a full GTR bodykit and knocking the power up to around 400BHP but in the next 6/12 months im hoping to add some new wheels and maybe a remapping and tidy up the interior...see what funds permit

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I'm possibly the opposite of most people on this thread.........

BEFORE: Day of purchase in Jan 2008


Wheels and tyres

18 x 10" Rota Grid drift alloys in white, ET15.
285/30/18 Toyo Proxies R888 tyres

K-sport 8 pot front calipers
K-sport 356mm front disks
Ferodo DS2500 pads
Braided hose set x 4
Brake stopper kit

Cusco coilovers
Cusco front and rear anti-roll bars
Whiteline front camber adjusters
Japspeed Hicas lock bar

Nismo white dial kit (320km)
Nismo white centre gauge cluster
Greddy water temp gauge
Greddy boost gauge
GreddyA-pillar gauge holder
Recaro seats (type unknown)
Bride seat rails

Jun style carbon fibre bonnet
Nismo N1 front bumper vents
Nismo Clear side repeaters
Nismo Clear front indicators
Goki carbon end caps
Goki carbon spoiler blade
Carbonmods splitter
OMP splitter stay bars
Aerocatch bonnet pins
Headlight duct (for drag use)
HID headlight kit
Carbon GT wing badges
Aero type mirrors

Engine, exhaust and power mods:
HKS oil cooler (mounted behind passenger indicator duct)
Blitz twin induction kit
HKS EVC V boost controller
Fujitsubo down pipe
Abbey Motorsport decat pipe
Kakimoto GT1.OZ cat-back exhaust
Apexi power FC - Running 1 bar boost (1.1 peak)
ARC rad cap
Red cambelt, coilpack and cam covers
Adjustable exhaust cam pulley

Exedy Twin plate Compe-D clutch
Exedy lightweight flywheel
Tomei short shifter

Parts removed for lightening:
Aircon, spare wheel/jack/tools, Boot trim, door cards, rear seats, mats, stereo and speakers, parcel shelf, rear seat belts.



Steering wheel change
Engine bay bits (add more colour)
Carbon exhaust trim
Bumper spats.

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This is my R33 Gtst 4 door.Bought it last March.

Now looks like this.Still in resto mode.

Engine is standard except for K&N filter.Stainless 1 piece downpipe 3'' exhaust with decat & meaty backbox.Blue silicone hoses.
Suspension is replaced with BC coilovers.
Conceptua tuning Bycas kit.
Uprated droplinks.
15mm spacers & long studs on front & 3mm slipper on the rear.
18x10 et22 & 18x9 et28 Blitz z1's.
Wheel arch spats & Navan spoiler.
Custom boot install & a few mods to interior.

My plans are to fit my M spec bumper with Fmic cut-out.Fit overfenders or 400r rear arches & vented front wings.Respray car.
Fit Fmic kit & finally fit my manual conversion.

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My Spec 2

Nice work Bruv, liking the new wheels and arch mods.....

Here is the pic of the day I bought the car .........

here it is now, almost finished except for a few carnon goodies.....

Like to say a quick thanks to my Bruv ( ianlea73) fro help with the car :cheers::cheers:

comments always apprecited, will be up dating project thread soon....:):):)

New Body kit.....
Trial rear bumper
do luck sides
top secret front
large fmic
engine detailing.... lots...
new wheels
BC colovers
willwood big brake conversation
adjustable camber arms
vented fibre glass wings
masive ICE
race seats
bride subframes
full flocked dash ( cheers Myki)
custom door cards
Carbon Hybrid bonnet
GTR rear spoiler with Carbon blade
Greedy boost gauge
turbo timer
Greedy catch tank
blue rocker covers and hoses

I am sure there is lots more, but you get the idea....


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Ahh i love this thread!!i cant post any pictures up yet as i have no privilages i only joined like last week ha ha,but basically i saw my car,a blue Nissan Skyline R33 4 door parked under a tree at a local breakers covered with all sorts of crap destined to be scrapped so i asked him would he sell it,many weeks after dealing i finally bought it,cleaned all the car parts and boards off it and took it home,when i got it home i found quite a nice number of mods!It has:
Enkei NT03 alloys
Full BN sports body kit
Top secret front bumper
Full Impul interior
Sticker bombed dash
Custom dildo gearknob
No radio yet ha ha
Tien suspension
Upgraded fuel pump
Upgraded clutch
Short shifter
Trust GReddy FMIC
Cold air induction
Cold air feed pipe
Upgraded GReddy intake plenum
HKS cast iron exhaust manifold
Strut brace
I bought it with the turbo gone,so i changed the turbo to some american turbo it aint great but its to do me untill i can get a proper GReddy turbo upgrade,I was told all the internals were done but i dont know and i never went through the hassle of taking the head off to see,but plans in the future would include:
Changing my wheels as i dont like them so anyone wanna buy get on to me,want to get super dished chrome wheels or work meisters,and i wanna do a wide arch for the rear!:D
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