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What colour paint for Window Wipers

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The window wipers on my 33 GTST have the paint wearing off so there are big bits of metal showing.

What paint and colour should i get to cover it? Im guessing i can just use a rattle spray can?
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sure i used halfords matt black i also done the plastic panel thingy underneath the wipers :) i,ll double check see if i still have some in garage and get back to u
Yep did mine with Satin black also the plastic thing that runs across the bottom of the windscreen. It was grey and weathered and now looks far better !

Don't forget the plastic primer for the plastic though !
you could powder coat them black and the best thing with that is you dont need to worry about re doing it
Powdercoat them and get aero wipers suprising the difference it makes. ;)
Aero wipers are FTW !
Thanks for the help guys. I will have to use the rattle can for now as i dont have a compressor!
Also how do you remove the front wipers!?!?!
Yeah i need to get round to doing mine. Yeah a good rub down and rattle can will be fine on them.

Also how do you remove the front wipers!?!?!
Isnt it just a case of popping a cap off and undoing a nut underneath, then sliding them off the splines? (if that’s what there are called)
Also how do you remove the front wipers!?!?!
yeah theres a cap at bottom of wipers,pop it and undo the nut,if your doing the panel aswell,pop bonnet and take the rubber edging strip that goes across it off and i think theres 3 or 4 plastic screws holding it on,but once screws are removed,becareful trying to take it off as its still clipped in,but if you take your time it should be fine :)
Thanks for the help Andy and Keengo. Didnt get to do it this weekend anyway, couldnt get the car down the alley to the garage because of the snow!
As long as it's matt black. Do not paint them in body colour!
As long as it's matt black. Do not paint them in body colour!
LOL no chance in hell mate.
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