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hey guys, looking to sell (again!) my gt this summer.

before i put it up for sale im interested to know what people looked for in a car before they took the plunge and bought one.

heres the basics for my car:

silver 2003 auto non leather interior. 84K miles on the clock.

plus points:
k-style rear bumper, front lip.
recent service history through nissan uk
year left on mot

negative points:
nice alloys, but need a refurb
paint is solid, but again needs some touch ups
stock engine / interior. nothing done on the entertainment / audio front.
front tires have only got another 5-10K miles in them

im selling because i fancy something different to be honest, if i was keeping the car with full enthusiasm there are a few things i would look at, in car audio, refurbing wheels, possible wrap for car or roof?

im going to be looking for around £4500 for the car, what i paid for it 2 years ago. do you guys reckon ill need to do anything to the car to make it stand out and get that kind of money?

any feedback suggestions welcome

cheers in advance, phil


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There are a few on ebay etc going for twice that, and for the most part they are bone stock. If people knew these cars any better then they would see that as a bargain I'm sure.

What are you looking at changing to?
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