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Hi all just realy wondoring about what sort of power - KW ill be making
Once i add My link G4 plug-in and bigger ca18det injectors

Ive got a
rb20 110.000kms on it
3" turbo back exhaust
rb25det turbo
walbro 255l F/pump

Its making just over 160kw ATW on 10psi at the moment on 98 pump gas,
from adding the link and uprated injectors my tuner has said he may be able to get 30 to 40 kw out of it with a good tune,

your thorts? - just arfter a ruff idea

RSP Tuned 515.7 BHP
7,042 Posts
up to 250-90 bhp?
just a rough guess
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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