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What to expect here in Germany.

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So. I'm dead set on buying a R32 vspec I've found. Its a 1993 with 79k km in very good condition. Also, I head back to the States Feb 2018 so I'm set to import right? The only issue i'm having here is that I'm not sure what a "good deal" is here in Germany. So I guess my question would be what is a price you folks would pay for a 1993 r32 vspec with 79k km in very good condition with all service records and a clean title? And please, I'm new so if I'm in the wrong place to ask such a question let me know. Any advice is appreciated!
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A German fully registered TUV'd GTR will run you between 9k USD for a beater, and 19k for a fresh, low miles, decently modded stock powertrain specimen.

I am selling my 1992 for 6kUSD because I just got 50 days notice to PCS.. (FML) and need to unload the project.

Aside from mine, only 1 other servicemember is selling his, and he wants 18k.

Good luck, best thing would to import your own.

Japanese used cars. |

Check them out, I got mine there for a good price. 10k shipped to Bremerhaven will net you a good R32 GTR.

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Wow 6k? Do you already have a buyer? If not, I'd love to take a look at it.
You need to verify the manufacture month/year. That's what customs will go off when they validate your HS-7. I paid 12k for my GTR and it was bone stock with 120k km on the clock.

A 93 V-Spec (if it's truely a V-Spec) should be about 15-17k. Maybe less depending on condition. If he's willing to give you the chasis code, I will run it through Nissan FAST for you to verify if it's a V-Spec and it's production month/year.
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