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Well - before you all go mad in responding to oooomerous amount of things i could spend im tight on money with christmas pending and a wedding, honey moon and house move all coming up within the next 6 months....


im aiming for about 320-350bhp...

other than that all you might wanna know is what the spec so far is...

Gts-t spec 2 type M (which i believe are 250bhp as standard?)

Blitz Super Sound BOV
18" rims
nismo carbon exhaust (fitted but may sell) or a janspeed cat back (not fitted)
Apexi power intake/induction kit

I would guess takles it to around 270 ish


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boost controller and supporting mods.

Fuel pump, FPR, New plugs, uprated brake pads...

Turbo elbow, downpipe. (japspeed items)

some fuel managedment wouldn't go a miss, SAFC, Power FC or Rising Sun ECU.


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The RichR34 guessing system says:

Boost controller- £100+
Plugs - £40
Pads - £40 a corner?
Turbo elbow - £70
Downpipe - £60
ECU - £200
Remap - £500
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